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"Flappers" "Flappers"
In the 1920ies, a dramatic change in women's fashion took place. Dresses' hemlines - before being very modest, down to the ankle - now went up all the way to the knee, exposing the leg, and the waistline dropped, no longer emphasizing a slim waist. The silhouettes overall became rather long-stretched and cylindric, creating a new androgynous look.
Hairstyles, too, changed. The long hair, usually worn in braids or in complicated up do's, was replaced by the now popular bob. "Perm" waves also became rather popular.
 "Garconne" (from french garcon "=" boy) was the word to describe the new type of woman.

The wild and "roaring" 1920ies were followed by the 1930ies simpler elegance.  Skirts reached the calf and shorter  skirts were not considered proper. It was a taboo to see the cleavage and so the lady wore a neckline which was very big and striking but plain.
In 1934 the first shoulder pads were seen. Also pleats were very much in fashion.
Fur was also very fashionable, in most cases the whole animal was worn.