About Fainelloth Dolls

Fainelloth Dolls has been up since April, 9th 2004. Fainelloth is Elvish and means "Lily" or "white flower" and that's the meaning of my name. I came to dolling trough my real-life sister Éamane (or Betty, she's dolling, too, though she hasn't got her own site yet) and I'm now dolling since 22nd of December, 2003.  At first Fainelloth Dolls was mine and my sister's site, but she was too busy  after a while and now it's only mine.
The programmes I use for dolling are MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop CS and I'm doing my layouts in Microsoft FrontPage.
In  November 2005 my old host broke down and I was temporarily hosted by Cecilie, until my dad bought me my own domain for christmas 2005.


Past Layouts
Version 1.0 This had been my very first layout, and I didn't know anything about HTML or CSS XD It looked okay on 800x600, but cruel on a higher resolution.
It was up between 09.04.04 and 06.05.04
Version 1.1 My second layout - I really liked this one and think it's better than the first one, and perhaps even prettier than one of my later layouts XD Up between  06.05.04 and 30.01.01
Version 2.0: Stars I was so proud of this, and actually I still think it was one of my prettiest layouts.  31.01.05 - 10.06.05
Version 3.1: Leaves I had liked the idea, but somehow never how it turned out. I think it looked to empty, but nice on a small screen. 11.06.05 - 03.10.05
Version 4.0: Sága I had so much trouble with the coding, but I loved this one! I guess it's my best layout up to date. 04.10.05 - 03.01.06
version 5.0: Asia Quite simple, but I like the banner^^ First time I used CSS stuff. It is a bit hard to read, though.  04.01.06 - 09.04.06
Version 6.0: Art Nouveau Back to old times, at least with the colour scheme and the navigation bar at the left. It's one of my favourite layouts, and I fixed some bugs on the nav (now outside the I-frame^^)
10.04.06 - 08.09.06
Version 7.0: All I see in your eyes is madness I used a - very - different code than on my previous layout, and it was much easier to use. Else it's nothing special, but I like it anyways.
08.09.06 - 11.12.06
Version 8.0 : Frostland I loved the idea of making a wintery layout for once - the graphic almost killed me, but I really love the result!
11.12.06 - 02.06.07
Version 9.0 : the Gallery The last layout had been up way too long, and I I quite loved the idea with the picture gallery as navigation.
02.06.07 - 13.04.08
Version 10.0: Coruscant After having kept the last layout way too long I finally managed to get done a layout I had been planning for... ages. :)
13.04.08 - till now