Blood Prints

This tutorial was made using Adobe Photoshop CS, but it is working in any other similar graphic programmes.

1. At first you start drawing your doll in the graphic programme.
I used one of my own bases, but it works with every other kind of base aswell.

2.Do the shading but be careful to use a seperate layer. This will be important later in the tutorial.


3. Now create a new layer and pick the medium colour from the pallete. Use the drawing tool and draw some strokes on the clothes

4. Then pick the smudge tool and carefully smudge the blood.
(Brush size about 2-3px)



5.Use the lighter red colour and add some small red dots to the blood,using the drawing tool.

6. Pick the wand tool and select the filling of the dress (go to the layer where you drew the clothes

4. Return to the layer "blood", invert the selection and delete it.


5. Now you're done!