I met Cecilie of E-Pwn at TG, although I had known her site before. Somehow I had decided I would never contact her (she had about 16 sisters back then and I guess I was a bit scared) but when she requested a doll from me in my shop, that was in april 2005, we started talking. She asked me to become her sister on December, the 18th 2005.
Cec is one of the most social people I ever met online - she is amusing, quirky and very talkactive, yet she can be serious and very helpful aswell (she tried to teach me CSS and hosted me for a while, when my old host was down and before I got my own domain). She tends to overuse "XD", which rubs off on me.
We have a kind of an inside joke about Yod(d)a going on for I-don't-know-how-long (*worships yoda*) and we usually sign our pms with a form of "MTFBWYAMAY...", which stands for "May the force be with you and me". Cecilie is also basically my neighbour - she lives in Denmark - and we sent each other a christmas card XDDDD (which still lies on my desk).

Some of her dolls:

these folds are simply amating, I can't help myself XD    look at that pattern, it's so accurate!   I simply love the water in this one - and of course the yoda-green colour!

Gifts she gave to me: