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General Contest Rules
Send your entry to this E-mail
  • The e-mail must include:
        - Your Name
        - Base Credit URL (Important!!)
        - Your site's URL (If you have one)
        - Your e-mail adress
  • Your entry must be a transparent .gif , I won't accept .jpg's.
  • Only one entry per person, and only one doll per entry.
  • Props and animations are allowed, but keep them small.
  • Your entry mustn't be larger than 250x300 px
  • No frankendolling or claiming another doller's work as your own.
  • No D'n'D made dolls
  • No explicite nudity, blood or gore. Artistic nudity/blood is allowed, if it's tasteful.

Please stick to these rules. I won't accept entries that break them, and I do not have the time to mail you for the base credit or other lacking information.  If you have any questions, write me a mail. :)

Hall of Fame

Past Contests
Inspired by Rackham 21/20 Awards
Robot-You 40 Awards
Oscars 2006 45 Awards
Assassin 40 Awards
Artistic Vision 18 Awards
Harry Potter Characters 26 Awards
Betty Base Edit 13 Awards
Blood-Red Dress 10 Awards
Prep-sized 11 Awards
Maia Base Edit 11 Awards


Voting & Awards
  • 1st Place (people's choice): Award and doll request

  • 2nd Place (people's choice): Award

  • 3rd Place (people's choice): Award

  • Best Hair: Award

  • Best Shading: Award

  • Most original: Award

  • Merenwen's Choice: Award

  • Éamane's choce: Award

  • Participation Award

    Voting will be done by poll.