Straight Hair

This tutorial is made for Adobe Photoshop, but you should be able to follow it in any other (similar) graphic program. It works with any hairstyle.

At first, choose a base, copy it and paste it into your programme (I used one of mine, but it works with any other kind of base, too).

Now create a new layer, pick the drawing tool and draw the outline of the hair with colour 1. Don't make it a straight line, but follow the shape of the base, like real hair would do, unless it's a special hairstyle.
Don't forget to clean  the lines up!

Create another layer and fill the hair with colour 2 .

Pick the darken tool (size 1) and start to draw the strokes, starting at the parting. The more strokes you make, the more realistic it looks, but they have to be even and not too straight.

Now pick the lighten tool (size 1) and make the lighter strokes.

Then you return to the darken tool (between size 5-9; opacity and hardness around 50) and go on with the shadows. They have to be at the parting, and at her neck and shoudlers (and there where you want to have some).

After that we go on with the highlights. Pick the lighten tool (size 9) and draw the highlights there where the light falls (choose the direction where the light comes from). Be careful that the contrast between the shadows and the highlight isn't too hard;

Now you're actually done, and should be similar to the hair on the left.

To make it more natural, add a few single strokes with the drawing tool in colour one. Also add some shadows right beneath her hair (on her forehead, shoulders and her neck)



If you don't like the hair colour, go to "colours/settings" and change it.

Now you're finally finished! I hope this tutorial helped you a bit.