How to create a famous Dolling Site in 10 steps
(or: Ten things you should better avoid)

Did you ever wonder how to create a famous dolling site? Well, these are ten things you should pay attention to.

At first we’ll have a look at the site design and the content. These are important points, so make sure to read them carefully and to follow them exactly!

  • 1. The site name
    The first thing you have to do, is choosing a site name. Make sure it is something with “dollz”, “pixel” or “kawaii” (or even better, a combination with more than one of these), and then go for something that sounds similar to another, already known, doll site. (How about “Xanaka’s Place” or “Dollz on the Mountain Factory”). For forum user names, it is always useful to have a name that is similar to a famous doller’s one. 
  • 2. The Layout
    You might not believe at first, but it is very important to make the navigation and layout as hard to navigate as possible. This way, visitors will have to view most of your content while looking for one thing and spend more time on your site. Besides, tiny frames make people scroll down to read and interest them.
  • 3. The Dolls
    Of course, the dolls are not as important for a site, but still. People are confused by too much individualty,, so just go ahead and use ideas the famous and well known dollers have already used (An easy way is to copy a tutorial pixel by pixel – that’s what they were made for)
    Also, you have to add depth to your dolls. To do that, just add as much blood and tears to your dolls as you can. Dollz committing suicide also draw a lot of attention on your site and show the visitors, how much you think about death and other philosophical questions (a site without goth dolls and lotsa blood is not worth visiting).
  • 4. The Bases
    A good dolling sites needs bases. So, instead of spending ages on creating your own base set, just copy one that already exists. Change colours, maybe the lips, add ears et voilà, people will love you. (No one will notice that the base already belongs to someone else). Give it a name like “Cutie”, “Poosy”, “Angel” or “Sweeti”.

Now that you’ve got your site, we can start thinking about how to get popular among your fellow dollers. These are simple, yet effective, ways of getting noticed (it’s the best if you stick to all of them):

  • 5. Sister Sites
    When browsing other's sites, you'll notice that everyone needs them - sisters, and as many as possible. So just go ahead, asking random dollers to be your sister, send them a lot of gifts and you'll be recognized. You don't need to talk to them, but make sure you've got a link on her site, clearly stating that you're sisters.
    Also, being sisters with a famous dollers is a good thing, and if you can't get to start talking to them, just spamm their tagboard - that will draw the attention of other visitors on your site (they'll be jealous and want to know more about you).
  • 6. Forums
    Another important point is joining forums. Join as many of them as you can, and spam the whole boards with comments such as “Ur dollz R so lovely” (excuse my language 8D). Just have one stereotypical comment, people will love you for it. Also, your signatures have to be noticeable: Put as much text into them as allowed, of course brightly coloured and in enourmous font sizes. (again, replying to topics of the famous dollers with a long speech is very helpful)  Just act as if you were extremely popular.
  • 7. Contests
    Every doller needs a nice collection of awards, so just take a look out and join contest. You don't have to caree for the exact subject, as long as the doll faintly matches it (or hope that the owner won’t mind a Harry Potter doll when the subject is Underwater. The Harry Potter doll will, of course, be underwater, because she is going to have swim-training). When it comes to the voting, just ask your friends to vote for you. (Also, it’s a good idea to send the same doll to at least five contests. That makes people remember you). If you plan on holding one yourself, be careful that the theme isn’t individual, and that there’s at least one site that already had that theme in the last two weeks, or is currently holding it.

If you have followed this tutorial carefully, you should now be well known on the web, but how to keep the attention? There are simple solutions for it:

  • 8. Hiatus
    Just go on hiatus, blaming your evil real life for it, but tell how much you love dolling (and keep your tagboard and e-mail address up). Everyone will tell you to come back! (Of course you do not plan to stay on hiatus, return after one week or two. No one who goes on hiatus actually sticks to it) It is also necessary, to post long sermons about your feelings, how much you love them, and that you’re having a very bad time at the moment (saying that no one likes your dolls and will miss you anyway is also a good twist. The readers will protest)
  • 9. Frankendolling
    Another trick is to make up a frankendolling incident. Start a real witch hunt, post about it in forums and on your site - People will pity you, and they’ll remember your name for a long time (this is also a possible variation of the Hiatus trick).
  • 10. Variety
    Make some changes! You must have a new site name at least once per month, and switch layouts every two days. Don’t keep one URL for longer than a month - people will drop in every day to check whether the old is still the right.

And now, go ahead and create your very own dolling site!  You will for sure find out how true this article is and soon your site will be one of the most loved out there on the web. Don't believe me? Just read again from the very  beginning! ;)