I really do no longer know when or how I got to know Ledh, but I guess it was through the TG forum, where she used to be an admin.  We did not really talk back then, but I adored her dolls and sometimes we wrote short messages, mostly about fashion and that kind of stuff.
When I got MSN messenger, beginning of 2006, we started talking via messenger, and also through our LJs. She asked me to be her sister December 2006.
Ledh and I have a lot of things in common, like our LotR addiction (Aragorn, heh) and our love of historical costumes, especially from the Victorian era and the 1920ies. She always knows interesting subjects to talk about and is pretty clever and creative. Apart from dolling she is writing and does jewelry. Chatting with her is always a lot of fun, especially when we can drool over the same things. We  both discovered Death Note recently and are definately obsessed with it now, tho we can't agree on who should win.

Some of her dolls: