from Cosmic Storm  is my first sibling, and also my oldest online friend. We got to know each other through a contest, but  first started talking when I asked her whether she could explain me to how do mouse-overs. She did, and also asked a bit about my life (I didn't have a "About" page back then), and we just kept on talking, until she asked me to become her sister on on August, 4th, 2004 at exactly 15:49:34.
Leigh's a really nice and cool girl, and although she's a few years older than me I always love to read her e-mails and to talk to her. She's on college and has a boyfriend, and it's always fun to read about it. She's a Harry Potter fan aswell and she lives in Great Britain, one of my favourite countries, so she rocks!

Some of her dolls:

I love that top and the hair is so nice!

Sister gift: