I got to know Lya (aka Werelyan, Lanthe or Hana) of Selenit Tower through my Maia base edit. Then  I noticed she was a member of the Gathering aswell, and since I had been very bored and it had been her birthday I pm-ed her. After a while we started talking, and after another while we got friends. Lya asked me to become her sister on Friday, the 18th November 2005, at 9:19 am. Actually I had wanted to ask her, but I didn't dare (I wasn't sure she wanted to be my sister).
She's a very amusing, and sometimes - don't beat me! -crazy  person and we really have a lot of things in common. For example, we are both LotR crazy, morbid, Fantasy-obsessed, and we love the same kind of books and music. It is a lot of fun to rant with her, about everything and everyone, or just have our "dark (everything is horrible) moods". We're also basically neighbours, for she lives in Czech Republik.  Like me, she loves to make up stories (we both don't manage to write them down) and we have started a RPG forum together, Fynrir - the mists of winter.

Some of her dolls:

one of her best dolls, I think - Famine from her "Horsemen of the Apocalypse" seriesLya also loves to make up Fantasy stories (which she can't write down, like me) and that's one of her characters.  *look at these folds* Another of Lya's characters, Elghinn - I love both the doll and the character and story. XD

Sister gift: