Mari of Hinia's Paradise is my third sister. We got to know each other at The Gathering (a dolling forum). Actually I had never thought about talking to her (I was green with envy), but one day I noticed her being online before I went to school, right after school and the whole afternoon until about 9.oo o' clock, and I wondered whether she actually didn't have to go to school and asked her about it (well, stupid me, she had a free day).  After that we kept on talking a lot and became friends... Mari asked me to become her sister on the 25th of June, after we had talked for about three months. I think it's funny how much we have in common, for example our LotR obsession, and I guess that's one of the reasons why got such good friends so fast.
Mari is also a great doller and a real inspiration for me, because she always makes me wanting to try to do things as pretty as she does, lol. That's also why I have that nice title, "Queen of battling with Mari for the Arwen dress title" (still don't know who came up with that tale - I did never mean to battle her!).  She's challenging me, which is definately good!

Some of her dolls:

a collab between Mari and me. I did her elven character (on the right) and she did of her fabulous Arwen dollsshe's so pretty and simple


Sister gift:

  I'm speechless, but I guess that way was good!