All content of this site is created by S.Stirba, unless otherwise stated. You are not allowed to take, alter or use in any way the content of my site  without crediting me and checking my rules before. This also includes my layouts, codes, tutorials and designs!


  • Feel free to adopt my dolls, unless they are labeled with "not adoptable" or "do not adopt". Save them on your own server and credit me with a link nearby the doll (with a link banner).
  • Do not frankendoll my dolls/bases/props. That means taking parts of my dolls and using them on your own, but also includes using my outlines, my face edits and my base poses.
  • Do not claim any of my work as yours.
  • Do not use my dolls in your layouts, signatures or avatares, unless you have my special permission or the doll was made for you (gift, comission).
  • Do not alter my dolls in any way or remove my sign.
  • Do not use my designs on your dolls - means: Do not make a dress that looks just like mine on another base pose.
  • Do not direct link to any of my graphics, it is bandwith theft.


  • Feel free to use any of my base poses, but credit me with a link on or below the doll.
  • You can edit my bases as you want (change the face, colour, poses etc), but they are still mine and you have to link back to me.
  • Do not resize my bases and claim them as yours.
  • Do not use parts of my bases on your own bases or dolls.
  • You are allowed to use the faces offered in the base section with other dolls, but credit me with a visible link  next to or on the doll. Do NOT use the faces on my finished dolls.
  • You are allowed to use my bases for contests and D'n'D's, but credit me with a link and make clear it is NOT your own base.


  • Feel free to use any of my props but credit me with a link below the doll/prop.
  • You can edit them (colour, shading, etc) but they're still mine and you have to link to me.
  • Do not offer them on your site for use.
  • Do not provide them as props in a Dollmaker/ D'n'D

If you are not sure whether something is against the rules or not, feel free to send me an e-mail or write me a note in my guestbook so we can clear it, but read the FAQ first. :o) If I don't reply just write me again, I probably forgot about it or I didn't get the mail.



Q: Do you want to be my sister?
A: Sorry, no. All of my sisters are damn good friends of mine, and if you want to be my sister we have to be friends and talked for  a while. If I want to be your sister you will know it. :)

Q: Can I request a doll?
A: Not on this site, I'd be too busy then. But you can check my shop at The Gathering from time to time. I don't accept requests most of the time, though, only sometimes.

Q:  Where is the dollmaker?
A: I do not offer a dollmaker on my site currently, and I don't plan to do one in the next time. Maybe one (distant) day...

Q: Can I use dolls I made on your bases in layouts and offer them as adoptable?
A: Course you can!  As long as you give credit to me. :o)

Q: How do you doll?
A: I use Adobe Photoshop and MS Paint for dolling, just take a look at my tutorials.

Q: Will you do more tutorials for your site?
A: Probably, when I have the time and the inspiration. :)

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Via e-mail (adress is above), my guestbook or at the TG and Fairytopia forums, my username is Merenwen.

Q: I have mailed you but you did not reply. Why?
A: Either I forgot about it, or I did not get the mail. So just try it again :)