Subtle Pattern

This tutorial was created in Photoshop Elements, but it should be working in most similar graphic programmes.

At first you start with drawing your doll, open her in your programme and shade her. Be careful to make the shading in a seperate layer.

I use a base from Doll on the Hill Factory and a pattern from Xandorra's Place.

Now that your doll is shaded properly, you create a new layer and call it "Pattern". Choose the pattern you want to use and copy it. Now you select the part of the clothes on which you want to have the pattern (go to the layer in which you have drawn the doll and use the wand tool ).

Return to layer "pattern" and paste the pattern into your selection.(Shif+Ctrl+V).

Then you pick the wand tool and select the white part of the pattern and delete the selection.

Depending on whether you have already chosen a coloured pattern you can or cannot skip this step.  To fill the pattern in a new colour, select the black part of the pattern and fill it in the colour you want. (Edit -> Fill)
Now you go to your layer panel and reduce the opacity of your pattern layer. I have the German version of photoshop, but the window looks something like this.
Depending on the colour and the final look that you want, you have to play around with the opacity settings for a while.
We are almost done now, and you can skip this part, but I want to add a bit more depth to the pattern. So pick the darken tool, size between 2 and 5,  and go over the pattern where you have already shaded your folds.
Then you pick the lighten tool and go over the highlights.

Now you're done!

I hope this tutorial helped you a bit and I'd love to get some feedback on it,  so just leave a comment in my guestbook or write me an e-mail.