-29.03.09: Still somewhat alive! One new doll for now. School and life is keeping me busy but I've started working on a new layout and plan to have at least one update per month. :D Thanks for actually keeping up with me! You're great.

-25.12.08: Oh damn, 2008 is almost over. >_> I really really hope for a better and more active 2009.

Have been kept busy by school, but now holidays have started and I hope to have time to doll more often.

Happy  Holidays to you!

-14.10.08: There you go. An update. =D Not much, but more than nothing, yes.

-03.09.08: Just a tiny update, to remind myself I - am - still alive! =D

I don't want to neglect this site, it's just that I have so many projects at once running at the moment. I hope it'll get better. I'm sure it will. -.-

I got a tablet a few weeks ago, which is the reason for this neglect: I've been painting instead of dolling.  If you're interested, you can check out my DA account. :)

-24.07.08: Two new dolls and three new Maia base poses.

-10.07.08: Three new dolls - two random star wars dolls and a yearbook portrait.

Also, one new Maia base pose. =D

-05.07.08: After what seemed an eternity... The contest awards are finally up! Congrats to the winners!

Else, two new dolls - a Fantasy doll (she is, obviously, dead) and a random casual doll.

May I present Mort?

I finally release my male base set, I hope you like him! =D

And a new doll. The contest awards will be up next week.

-11.06.08: What, a bigger update and not even a month after my last? >_>

Three new dolls, all in the star wars section. Yes. I did doll a Twi'lek.

Also, the base section is back up! =) I added some new poses in the prep-sized section aswell.

-03.06.2008: Not even a month since my last doll... and not a Star Wars one! D:  *coughs* Well I hope to find more time for dolling, but at the moment I'm still damn busy. oh noes. >_<

-14.05.2008:  Oh noes, it's again been a month since my last update - but well, I had a really busy time at school and no time for dolling at all.

Just one quick doll for now... let's face it, you all want to join the Empire! ;)

-13.04.2008: Finally a bigger update for once!

Obviously, I've made a new layout and I hope everything works - if not, leave me a note and I'll (try to) fix it.

Three new dolls - two jedi knights and a regency doll - aaaaaaand...

The  voting for the contest is finally up!

So please go and leave your vote!  Thanks!

-25.03.08: Sorry for not having updated so long. I have had some problems with my web account and couldn't update ... Hope it is fixed now though and expect some more updates this week... :)

I don't plan to cancell the contest, the voting will be up soon and I've already worked on the award design.

-10.02.08: Two new fantasy dolls.

-18.01.08: Four new dolls featuring 1920ies Fashion.

This is part of a small fashion history project I'm doing for school and I'm going to update with other decades of 20th century aswell. :)

-10.01.08: One more new LotR doll. Time for a little bit of inspiration... >_>

-02.01.08: Happy New Year 2008!

One new Éowyn doll and two new Maia base poses.

-24.12.07: Two new dolls. I hope you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

-02.12.07: (Horrible, it's already December?)

Just plugging an dolling advert calendar hosted by Kristine.

Have fun with it!

-28.11.07: Two more LotR  dolls.

-26.11.07: Inspiration! I made 4 1/2 dolls in two days...
Three new Éowyn dolls online. <3

-22.11.07: A doll inspired by the Fall Collection of Christian Lacroix.

The Historical Section is back up! :D Finally...

-12.11.07: Finally a new update! I put up all the contest entries I got so far. If you still want to enter, the contest is still open till Friday.

And I have a new doll. May I intoduce Werner?

-26.10.07: One new Halloween/Gothy doll. I'll be gone for a week, vacation.

I put the first few contest entries up - don't worry if yours isn't there yet, I didn't put all of them up yet!

-16.10.07: One new doll, non adoptable. And I opened a new contest - Alien Queen.

School has kept me busy so far, but I got a few new ideas concerning my site. :)

-16.09.07: School has started again. The yay-ness. </irony>
One new fantasy doll.

-05.09.07: One new casual doll, and two new tutorials (more coming soon, reworking the tutorial section currently).

-01.09.07: I can't believe it's September already...
One new doll - an example doll for the next theme  of _Next Top Doll.

-27.08.07: Two new Maia base poses. More poses will probably follow soon.

-22.08.07: One new doll, Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West. (I love green skin lately...)

-17.08.07: Back from vacation with a few new dolls - both in a Zombie and normal version. =)

-07.08.07: What, more than one update in a week?
Three and a half new dolls: Ron Weasley, Fleur Delacour and Dobby, and a casual doll.
The Harry Potter section is (finally) back up!

-02.08.07: A few new dolls. I got more stuff to update, but each time I try a bit of the coding gets messed up xD

-09.07.07: Hell time is running so fast XD One new doll, (yet) another version of Queen Elizabeth.

-24.06.07: Well yeah, it has been quite a whihle... School has been a bit busy lately, and I have been working on other art apart from dolls.
Anyways, two new dolls, and the sections are back up!
More dolls coming soon.

-04.06.07: Two new dolls: Cho Chang in the Harry Potter section and a Historical one.

You might have noticed that both the HP and the Historical section are down at the moment - the coding was accidentally deleted.^^ I'll put them back up soon(ish). :D

-02.06.07: I am back.

I never meant to disappear for such a long time, but my internet connection was dead for the whole month so I couldn't update my site. Hope it's working now.

As you might notice, I have a new layout and a few new dolls, I hope everything is working. If you notice any bugs leave me a note.


-25.04.07: Once again a new version of Merenwen...
Also, I'm plugging forum. check it out!


-17.04.07: I'm back from vacation with a new doll, a sci-fi one

-05.04.07: Just another update before I'm leaving on vacation, so don't expect new stuff in the next week^^
One new doll and 5 new Maia base poses.

Happy Easter (or spring, whatever) and I hope you  have a good time!

-04.04.07: A new version of Padmé's Lake gown in the Star Wars section.

-30.03.07: Another new doll.

-28.03.07: Two new dolls: one in the characters section and a late birthday gift (Happy Bday, ledh!)
Also, I have changed my e-mail address. if you want to conctact me, please use my new one!

-21.03.07: A new misc doll. I hope my muse is finally recovering... =)
I'm planning a new layout, but I'm not so sure it will be up soon!

-18.03.07: One new doll in the characters section, Elizabeth from PotC.

-02.03.07: One new Fantasy doll.

-26.02.07: One new doll.

-21.02.07: Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I just had other things on my mind... Anyways, I'm working on some stuff and I hope I'll have more updates soon.
One new doll for now.

-11.02.07: One not adoptable Rokoko doll, she's a valentine's day gift! =)

-06.02.07: One new regency doll. She's not adoptable.

-01.02.07: Two more new dolls - one in the Fantasy, and one in the characters section.
I haven't felt that inspired in ages =D

-30.01.07: One new LotR doll, a new Maia base pose and one new doll in the gifts given section. =)

-23.01.07: Again new dolls, historical ones: The Tudor sisters, Mary I and Elizabeth I.
And  a shameless plug:
Ledh reopened her site, so go and check it out!

-21.01.07: Four new Harry Potter dolls. =)

-19.01.07: I've made one new Fantasy doll. Expect some new ones soon.

-16.10.07: One new historical doll, about 1900.

-14.01.07: One new doll in the Harry Potter section, it's Rita Skeeter.
Also, the awards for the Arthur Rackham contest are up! Thanks  a lot to all those who entered and voted.

-11.01.07: One new Star Wars doll. The contest voting closes now, awards will be up soon.

-07.01.07: Four new dolls: Lady Galadriel in the LotR section, and a misc. casual. And I added two more Maia base poses.

-03.01.07: Happy New Year! One new misc doll.

-30.12.06: Three new dolls; One in the Fantasy section and two historical ones (one prep sized).
Happy New Year, to all of you! =) I hope it'll be a good one!

-26.12.06: A new historical doll.

-24.12.06: Merry Christmas! =) Here's a little gift for everyone, feel free to adopt it!
Edit: I have added two new prep sized bases.

-23.12.06: Non adoptable christmas gift for my friends and sisters! =) One for everyone will follow!
Thanks you all for the gifts I got! =D

-21.12.06: Another new historical doll, but male for once! I hope I get the christmas gifts done soon, if not already a merry x-mas! lol
And random note: I've now been dolling for 3 years!

-19.12.06: The voting for the Rackham contest has started! =) Please go and vote!

-17.12.06: One new doll. And the contest is closed now, voting will start soon.

-15.12.06: One new historical doll.
The Arthur Rackham contest will end on Sunday evening, so if you still want to enter send your entry now! =)
Also, I've added a short article "How to create  a famous Dolling Site" in the goodies section.

-11.12.06:The new layout is up! If there's no snow in real life, I want at least my website fit for winter! ;)
I hope everything works fine, if not please leave me a note in the guestbook!
Also two new dolls...

-10.12.06:I'm working on a new layout, so don't worry if I accidentally screw up the whole site! :D

-05.12.06: A new misc doll, inspired by the 20ies era and I made a new tutorial on how to make fur.

-01.12.06: One new doll. School and real life is really getting  in my way at the moment...
Also, shameless plug to a Survey I'm doing - about Dolling Statistics. Please take  a few minutes to vote!

-22.11.06: Ooops, my computer had caught a virus from TG! Not very nice...
Anyways, it's fixed now and I made a new doll - Bellatrix Lestrange.

-16.11.06: Wow, yet another update! I feel pretty creative a the moment! (well, dolling wise).
So here are two new dolls - Arya in the character section and a new misc Fantasy doll.

-15.11.06: Another random fantasy doll. I simply felt like doing one once again!

-11.11.06: (Nice date^^) One new warrior doll. I'll soon put up the first contest entries.

-08.11.06: One new fantasy doll. Thanks for the contest entries I got! =)

-04.11.06: Once again a new contest, it was quite a while since my last one! Click below for infos.

-03.11.06: Finally I'm fully back. Two new dolls, one in the character section and a misc Fantasy doll. I've also added one more prop.

-27.10.06: I'm back from Poland and I've made one new doll and added two new Maia bases. I'll be gone for another while, though, this time to Berlin.

-20.10.06: I will be gone on a class trip to Poland for a while, so don't expect any updates in the next week!
One new Maia base pose aswell.

-18.10.06: The autumn and winter collections are always so inspiring! Another casual doll.

-17.10.06: A new doll. I hate being  busy with school!

-12.10.06: One more historical doll, and two little misc preps (made for trying pixelshading once again).

-07.10.06: One new misc doll. Maybe I should add a new section...

-05.10.06: A little new tutorial for Halloween: Blood prints. I've made one more Maia base pose and added a new prop.a

-02.10.06: One and a half new dolls. Or how do you call an edited version?

-25.09.06: One new doll in the Fantasy section.

-22.09.06: Two new Betty base poses.

-21.09.06: Why is my inspiration back now that school has started again? A  zombie bride, two pirates (and another new misc doll in the misc section^^)

-16.09.06: I've made a new doll of Merenwen, in the LotR section. And, the bigger news, I've remade my Betty Base!

-12.09.06: Added one new doll in the historical section.
Today is the last day of vacation, so I'm probably quite busy in the next weeks...

-08.09.06:(Edit) The new layout is done! I hope everything is working, please tell me if there are any errors!  I might change some small details later, but for now I'm done.

-08.09.06: I'm currently coding a new layout, so don't worry if I accidentally mess up the whole site. I hope to be able to update with the new layout soon. =)

-05.09.06: And another version of the saloon girl, this time with guns...

-01.09.06: A new historical doll, a saloon maiden from the "wild west".

-30.08.06: The awards for the Robot contest are up.Comgrats to the winners and thanks to all those who entered! The entries were all fab! =)

-28.08.06: The voting for the Robot contest is over. The awards should be up soon! =) Thanks to everyone who entered and those who voted.
And I've added one new misc doll, she's a gift so don't adopt her.

-25.08.06: Summer break is almost over now... A new doll, Beauty and the Beast.
The contest voting will end soon, probably today.

-21.08.06: I'm back from vacation, it has been quite a while. I've added a non-adoptable doll and four new Maia base poses. Hope you had a good time!

-03.08.06: Another new doll, a pirate (obviously^^). I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks, so no updates for a while.

-01.08.06: A new doll in the misc section. She represents madness...
Andy yeah, seems like bloody hanprints are my new trademark.

Edit: I added the TG birthday gift for august.

-28.07.06: I've added a new tutorial about how to do subtle patterns.

-26.07.06: A non-adoptable summer doll.

-20.07.06: A new doll in the characters section.

-18.07.06: The voting for the Robot contest has finally started! Sorry for having  been that lazy^^ But now, go and vote!

-10.07.06: Why, why, why... did Italy win?
And once again, one new doll. Right, now that the world cup is over I can doll again^^

-09.07.06: Now the soccer worldcup is almost over *sniff*. But well, a new misc. doll.

-06.07.06: Gawd, it's already July? Ah well, one new doll in the misc. section.
I'm working on different stuff for the site, but I'm quite busy with school. The last weeks before the end of the term are always very busy.
Also, to those people who are currently spamming my guestbook, linking to obscure sites: Please stop it, especially if you're Italian. No one reads it or clicks on the links anyway. You're just getting on my nerves!

-29.06.06: A new doll, a collab between me and my sistah Mari (and no, it's not yet the end of the world!)
I'm getting bored of this layout, the colours and all. So I might make a new one, but I'm quite busy so I don't think it'll be soon.

-27.06.06: So, the contest has closed and the entries are put up! Voting will start soon.
I've still got some dolls sitting in paint, and I hope to be able to put them up soon...

-24.06.06: I just wanted to note that the contest will end on Sunday evening! If you still want to enter, hurry up.

-21.06.06: A new historical doll, she's from the Rokoko era.

-16.06.06: One new doll in the LotR section

-15.06.06: I've updated with more contest entries.

-12.06.06: Wow, this time not even a week passed since my last update!
I've got a non-adoptable doll on my Indis base and my yearbook portrait at TG. I've also added a new prop in the prop section.
Most of the contest entries are updated now, thanks for all of them!

-08.06.06: Actually I planned on updating on two days ago... 06.06.06 was such a nice date!
Anyways, I've got two new dolls and a new Maia base pose! Also thanks for the contest entries I got by now, I'll put them up somewhat later.

-01.06.06: Two new dolls, a random me-robot doll and the TG birthday gift for june (only posted in the gifts given section).
Also, I have opened  a new contest!

-26.05.06: A new, unadoptable, Star Wars doll (yay, I love her).

21.05.06: My muse is on spring break, or whatever, but at least a new doll in the historical section (applause, I do historical dolls).
My computer is still very evil, but when it's fixed I plan a new contest...

-16.05.06: New stuff, despite of my web program being evil: I've remade my dress tutorial (it needed an update), and added a props section.

-15.05.06: And once again, a new  doll of Merenwen. Only small, but better than nothing ;)
Don't expect a lot of updates at the moment, my web program and my internet connection both don't work at the moment - as soon as I try to add images, it kicks me out and the pc dies. XD (just as I tried to update this it died and I have to try it again)
Still, I've been working on new stuff for the site and plan a new contest, so stay tuned!

-11.05.06: One new LotR doll.

-06.05.06: And again, a new doll in the Fantasy section. Okay, actually two new dolls - I've made a recoloured version XD
The weather is simply too nice to be online and doll...

-01.05.06: I dolled. Be all proud of me.
Well, two new dolls: An Art Nouveau doll and the Green Fairy.

-28.04.06: My muse has never been that dead... or I'm only too lazy to doll because of the weather^^
I've made a new
prep base though, and am working on a new doll. Which I will hopefully finish.

-23.04.06: So, the contest awards are up. Congrats to the winners, it was a damn hard choice! Thanks to all those who entered - the entries were great.

-17.04.06: Back from vacation with a new doll and two  new Maia base poses!
Voting for the contest has ended, the awards will be up soon!

-10.04.06: I got the new layout finished before leaving!  It should be working now. I hope you like it - I tried to make it readable and easier to navigate this time.
Mail me or sign my guestbook if there are any errors!
(and thanks to Atemu^^ you know... z-layers...)

-09.04.06: Two years Fainelloth Dolls!  I went online exactly two years ago!
I've been working on a new layout which will hopefully be up soon. Else, I'll leave for a week now, so have a good time!

-08.04.06: A new, not adoptable doll.

-04.04.06: No doll news, but still big news!
My sister Lya and I now went online with our RPG board, Fynrir - the mists of winter.

So go and check it out!

Also, a new doll portraying one of my RP characters.

-31.03.06: A new random historical doll.

-28.03.06: Voting has started! So go and vote^^

-26.03.06: The contest is closed now, voting will start soon (I hope^^).
Also, I've made a new doll: Erika from Underworld.

-25.03.06: So, added another few contest entries. And I want to remind you that the contest ends this evening!

-22.03.06: I made  a new doll, be proud of me!
Also, the contest will be open for three more days, so if you want to enter please send me your enter until then!

-19.03.06:Just a small update. I've added a new Maia base pose.
Gah, school has been evil in the last two weeks, I wish monday was already over XD

-14.03.06: And another bunch of entries^^
Edit: I've made a new Star Wars doll.

-11.03.06: New doll, again Fantasy...
Thanks for all the awesome entries I got by now!

-06.03.06 (update): And the Oscar goes to...
well, I thought it was time for antoher contest! It's the Oscars 2006. Check it out

-06.03.06: And another Fantasy doll - Snow White, or whoever.

-01.03.06: Just a random new Fantasy doll.

-26.02.06: I've added one new doll and some awards.
This week  has not exactly been great for me, so I'm glad I have a week vacation now^^ Also, I have plans for some new dolls.

-20.02.06: Two new dolls in the Characters section - Jadis and Lucy from the Narnia movie.

-19.02.06: Just a tiny update - a prep sized doll in the historical section... my dolling inspiration is somewhere below zero *dies*
I hope to have something new soon!

-12.02.06: A random jedi-gal, not adoptable. I've also made a new Maia base pose.

-07.02.06: Some new dolls: a prep sized Fantasy one, a Valentines Day gift and another gift^^

-04.02.06: And another new doll^^

-01.02.06: One new doll.

-30.01.06: Again new bases: A prep sized one and a new Maia base pose!

-29.01.06:Two new dolls, Arwen in her birde gown, and a misc prep. I've also made a new prep-sized base.

-26.01.06: Contest awards are up - thanks again for the awesome entries and congrats to the winners!!!

-25.01.06: Two new dolls - Narcissa Malfoy and Hinia, a birthday gift to a friend.

-24.01.06: Contest voting has stopped, the awards will be up soon!

-20.01.06: And another doll. I've been working on more, but I couldn't finish them yet.
I've also added a new Maia base pose!

-18.01.06: 'nother historical doll^^

-13.01.06: Friday the 13th... *spooky music* I love that date!

Anyways, three new dolls and two new link banners.

Edit: Another link banner.

-09.01.06: The contest voting is up! Please go and vote!
And I've made two new dolls.

Edit: Cecilie finally got her sister page XDD

-07.01.06: So, the contest is closed! Thanks again for the awesome entries! The voting will start soon, at least I hope. ;o)

And I have made another new Maia base.

-06.01.06: Another bunch of contest entries. The contest will close tomorrow, so if you want to enter hurry up! Nothing new apart from that.

-05.01.06: 'nother new doll in the characters section (Lady Kaede).

Aaand I added contest entries! Thanks a lot for the awesome dolls you sent in.

-04.01.06: New year, new layout, right? As you can (hopefully) see I've made a new layout. Tell me if something doesn't work!!!

-03.01.06: I've made two new prep-sized dolls, a Kill Bill character and a misc elf, both are not adoptable and I have added a bunch of contest entries.

Edit: Made a new Maia base pose.

-02.01.06: Happy New Year! I can't believe it's already 2006, time passed so fast...

Anyways, I've added the first 11 (!!) contest entries, thanks lotses for them. And I have a new sister, Cecilie. I'll add the siblings page later.


-30.12.05: I've got a new contest running, you can check it out here.

-29.12.05:Two new dolls - Amelia and Selene from Underworld.

-27.12.05: I made a Christmas gift for those who gave a gift to me or who want it XD Thanks for all those lovely gifts I got! *huggles*

-26.12.05: No real update, but I wanted to wish you a merry christmas!!

And I've added some gifts I got.

Edit: Woo, it has finally started snowing outside! So I decided to make a doll of Merenwen in wintery clothes.


-22.12.05: I was so busy before Christmas... doing all the gifts and buying presents. Now I've done them all.

I'm planning a new contest, I hope it will be up soon...

So, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all of you out there! I hope you have a great time!


-15.12.05: Wee! A new doll again! Now I really have to start on the christmas gifts (I wanna make individual ones, if I manage to)
So, I hope you have a nice time till christmas!

-13.12.05: Nothing big, just a new Maia Base pose.

-12.12.05: I've made a new tiny doll. No great update, but better than nothing!
I should really start making christmas gifts now, but I'm too lazy to doll...^^

-04.12.05: Again a new doll, and I have made a sister page for Lya.

-02.12.05: I've made a new Fantasy doll, a winter elf, and a new pose for my Maia base. I've also added some gifts I got. (thankies!)


-30.11.05: Fainelloth Dolls is back online! Long time gone, eh?  I'm now hosted by the lovely Cecilie! *applause to her*
Please change your bookmarks to my new address.

Also, I've made two new dolls, the second one is not adoptable. I also have a new sister site, Lya of Selenith Tower.


-21.11.05: Fainelloth Dolls is on temporarily hiatus. My webhost (a company) suddenly made a change which means that I can't update with new stuff anymore cause I don't have enough space. I had to delete much things to post this.

Anyway, I hope I'll be able to fix it and be back soon!


-21.11.05: I've problems with my web host (I can't update with new stuff)  so maybe I won't be able to update for a while. I hope that I can fix it soon, though.
That means: I'm on temporarily hiatus.

-14.11.05: It seems that I'm in a dolling mood again. Finally. XD I've made one new LotR doll.

-12.11.05: Added one new doll in the characters section. She's Morgaine from the Mists of Avalon movie.

-09.11.05: Made two new dolls and added four new Maia bases. Making bases is so much fun! XD

-04.11.05: I'm really in a base making mood: I've added  a new Maia base pose.

-03.11.05 (edit): I felt like making a prep sized base again.

-03.11.05: I've made an autumn doll. I can't believe that it's already November... time is really running! In December it'll be my Two-Years-Dolling Anniversary.

-31.10.05: No real update. I just added some Halloween gifts I got (thankies)! And I wanted to wish you a spooky halloween!

-30.10.05: Another Halloween doll.

-29.10.05: Two new dolls, one in the LotR section and a misc. one. I've also added one new Maia base pose.

-28.10.05: I've made one new prep-sized doll for  the Fantasy section.

-25.10.05: The contest awards are up Congrats to the winners!

-24.10.05: I know, it's not yet halloween, but anyway, I felt like making a gift. She's not adoptable.
The contest  voting has ended. Awards will be up soon.

-20.10.05: I've made one new LotR doll, my character Merenwen.
I've started a project, the
Dolling History. Interested? Check it out!

-17.10.05: Another new doll, inspired by Amy Brown.

-13.10.05: Only one new prep sized doll (which I like a lot). Yeah, my inspiration is gone...

-12.10.05: The voting for the Artistic Vision contest has started. So go on and vote!

-11.10.05: I've added two new contest entry and the conetst is closed now. The voting will start soon.

-10.10.05: Just pluggin to my sister Leigh, who has reopened her site Cosmic Storm. I've also added a few new contest entries. The contest will end soon, so if you still want to enter, hurry up. :o)

-09.10.05: I've made a new prep sized base and added two new dolls... I'm really lazy at the moment... must be the weather ^^

-06.10.05: I've remade my hair tutorial and added a new Indis base pose.

-04.10.05 (edit) : Yeah, the new layout is up. I had to hurry after I almost deleted my site... *dies*
I've also added a new base set called "Indis". You can find it here.

-04.10.05: Again new contest entries. The layout should be up soon.
Edit: Putting up the new layout right now. Expect accidents! XD So, if something's wrong with the site in the next days, you know why.

-01.10.05: I've added another new contest entry and I'm working on a new layout, that's hopefully up soon.

-29.09.05: One new fantasy doll. I really should start working on a new layout, cause I think this one has been up long enough.

-27.09.05: Again new contest entries (finally I get some) and a new doll in the misc section. Also, thanks for all the lovely gifts I got for my birthday! *hugs*

-25.09.05: I've added three contest entries.
Edit: I've also added two new Maia base poses.

-24.09.05: It's my birthday today and I only added a few gifts I got^^ Thanks a lot for all of them!!! You made my day be a better one!

-23.09.05: Three new dolls: A fantasy couple, a prep sized and a historical doll.

-21.09.05: I've started a new contest, artistic vision this time. Please check it out!

-19.09.05: Just a quick update: An avatar for a dolling pirate forum, me as a pirate.

-18.09.05: I've added one new doll... I'm also  working on a new layout but it just won't work... so I guess I'll keep the old one for another while.

-16.09.05: Just one little doll now... Sorry for the delay of updates, but I've really lost my inspiration now that school has started again! ^^ I hope it'll be better in a few days...
And I guess one of the reasons for not updating is that I want to keep that sassy Sith on the front page, lol!

-11.09.05: Finally one new doll in the Fantasy section. She's not adoptable.
Edit: I've added another unadoptable doll in the Star Wars section.

-10.09.05: I've made some tiny changes on the site, but acutally I just wanted to apologize for not updating... I'm working on some bigger projects that will take some time, and perhaps I'll change my layout.

-08.09.05: I've added one new Maia base.

-06.09.05: Wow, an update! I'm back, I'm truly back! ^^ And I've already made one new doll and base (I arrived yesterday evening).

-26.08.05: I just wanted to note that I'll leave tomorrow, for ten days. There won't be anything new during this time. :o) I hope you have a great summer.

-25.08.05: I've added one new prep sized base.
I also wanted to say, that I couldn't answer to e-mails that were sent to me in the last two weeks, because I was on vacation and I got a lot of spam and virus mails...

-23.08.05: I feel like it's been a very long time since I last updated... Well, here I am, back from holidays with some new dolls and a new Betty base pose.

-11.08.05: Just a quick update, I've added my two newest dolls. Ok, the Greece one isn't exactly new, but...

-09.08.05: Again two new dolls and I've added a new Maia base pose (the one I used for my Arwen.)
I just wanted to tell that I'll probably be gone for a while, I'm on vacation (and I hope I'll return with lotsa new dolls).

-08.08.05: I'm back now. It's been quite a while since my last update... The voting for the Harry Potter contest has stopped and the awards are up! Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who participated!
 I also have two new dolls, but I can't decide which version of the first one  I prefer, so they're both up until I've made up my mind.

-29.07.05:There's one new doll, a collaboration with my new sister Mari and I've added some things in the gift section.
My holidays have *finally* started and I'm leaving to visit my aunt untill next Thursday. :o)

-27.07.05: I've made two new dolls, Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and a misc couple...  I've been working on a few more dolls, but I'm kinda lazy now... I'll finish them tomorrow.

-22.07.05: The voting for the Harry Potter contest has started, so please go and vote! Good luck to everyone, the entries were great!
I've also added a new LotR doll.

-21.07.05: Another bunch of contest entries and the contest is closed now. The voting will start soon.

-18:07.05: I've added a few more contest entries (I've already  9 entries, but I think the contest will stay open for a while), and two Harry Potter dolls... I really feel like making HP dolls at the moment. ;o) (wonder why...)
I've also added another (modified) Maia base pose.

-15.07.05: I've made three new dolls (actually two) and I've added the first two contest entries!

-14.07.05: I'm too lazy to update... The hot weather makes me tired! Anyway, I've added a new base and two new dollies. (another reason: I want to keep my knight on the front page! XD )
And I have a new contest! Check it out!

-08.07.05: A new knight doll!

-06.07.05: A doll for the winner of my Betty Base edit contest.

-05.07.05: I've made two new dolls, a Fantasy one and a character doll. I'm really into making book characters at the moment (I'm working on some).
And I plan to do another contest soon...

-27.06.05: Again a new doll. I really like the face on this one...

-26.06.05: A new doll in the Star Wars section.

-25.06.05: Another new doll, Luthien.

-24.06.05: The Awards are up! Congrats to the winners! All entries were great!  And I've got a new doll.

-23.06.05: A new Maia base pose, and the voting for the Betty Base contest has ended. I hope the awards will be up soon!

-18.06.05: Another two dolls!!! (my dolling muse is very active!)

-17.06.05: One new doll, a witch. Voting for the Contest will end soon!

-13.06.05: Again a new doll.

-12.06.05: Another new doll, Éowyn.

-11.06.05: My new layout is up (as you *might* have noticed)! I've also redone my Maia Base and added two new prep-sized bases.

-07.06.05: I've made one new doll and I wanted to say, that I won't be updating for a while, since I'm working on a new layout, I want to revamp the base-section, and my dolling muse has gone on vacation (that remembers me of NOT having vacation at the moment! :o( )
So, to shorten it: I won't be updating for a while, because I'm working on some stuff for this web-page... (if you knew me, you would know that I'll update, anyway...)

-30.05.05: Three new dolls.

-28.05.05: A lot of LotR dolls and I've added a gift I got.

-24.05.05: I've added a misc Doll, and the voting for the Betty Base edit has started! So go an vote!

-22.05.05: Two new dolls. And I've added two bases and a new tutorial (Hair).

-18.05.05: Back from holidays with a new doll. I've also made two prep-sized bases (I'll put them on the site later)

-12.05.05: Awards for the Blood Red Dress contest are up! Please check them out! Unfortunately my e-mail programme deleted the e-mail addresses of the participants, so I can't contact them. So, if you entered just go to the contest page and see the Awards there. And I've made a new doll!
Btw, I still need entries for my Base edit contest!

-09.05.05: My computer doesn't work (I can't add dolls here at the moment), but I've got two new dolls. Go to the misc section to see them. And I've made a new Maia  base pose. Voting for the Arwen Dress Contest has stopped, and I hope the Awards will be up soon. (I know that I wrote the same as belowe, but...)

-08.05.05: Again a new doll, and the voting for the Arwen Dress contest will stop tomorrow. I hope that the awards will be up soon.

-05.05.05: (love that date) Another new LotR doll. And a new contest entry.

-02.05.05: I've made two new dolls and added two contest entries... It's far too hot outside (in my opinion) - too  hot to go out, and too hot to stay inside...

-29.04.05: Added a new doll... I'm glad it's weekend now, the week was very stressing.

-28.04.05: I've made a new doll and I've added two contest entries.

-25.04.05: Finally a new doll, I didn't feel like dolling in the last week.... And I've opened a new contest!

-19.04.05: I've added a new base pose.

-18.04.05: New dolls, this time no requests, and a new base... :o)

-16.04.05: Another request, and I'm working on a new base and a few new prep-sized dolls.

-13.04.05: Another request doll, not adoptable.

-12.04.05: I'm back (after my Konfirmation) with a new doll, she's not adoptable (as if you wanted...)

-09.04.05: Not really much of an update, but... My site is now for exactly one year online!!!!  Voting for the Blood-red-dress contest has started, so go and vote, and I've made the awards for the prep-sized contest! Congrats to the winners!

-06.04.05: I've added a new Fantasy doll. The Blood Red Dress contest will close in a few days, so if you want to enter, hurry up. The awards for the Prep sized contest will be up soon (I hope).

-04.04.05: Another Star Wars doll, opened a new section for them.

-01.04.05: Again a new doll and a new  Maia base.

-31.03.05. I've made a tutorial for dresses.

-30.03.05: A new Star Wars doll. Have to open a new section... and a "me" doll for a challenge.

-29.03.05: Back from vacation... I just added some contest entries (btw. they're all great!).

-24.03.05: I just can't stop dolling... again two new dolls and a gift I made. And I wish you all a happy Easter!

-23.03.05: Two new contest entries!

-22.03.05: I've added a new base and a new doll.

-21.03.05: Another new Arwen doll, and I've got another contest entry (please enter!!!).

-17.03.05: No new dolls this time, but I've added two new awards and opened a new contest. Check it out!

-15.03.05: Couldn't resist, another new doll... :o)

-11.03.05: Oh, wow, I've done so many dolls in the last time (have to stop dolling ... ;o) ), and again a new doll, a contest entry.

-10.03.05: I've added a new Arwen doll.

-09.03.05: Again two new fantasy dolls, which are both not adoptable and a new base.

-06.03.05: A lot of new things... A new doll for a challenge at TG (I'm proud of her), voting for the prep sized contest has started (and I've added another, last entry) and I posted the awards for the Maia base edit!!!! Congratulations to the winners!!!!

-04.03.05: Voting has ended, awards will be up soon!

-03.03.05: I've added a new Star Wars doll and a new contest entry. The prep sized contest is still open until Sunday, on Monday (I hope) voting will start. So if you want to enter, hurry up! :o)

-01.03.05: Another new entry!!! I just need one more  until voting can start. And a new misc doll (a contest entry for a base edit)

-28.02.05: Have to hurry, but I added a new entry...

-26.02.05:  Finally two new LotR dolls. (the brown one is rather old, but...)

-25.02.05: I'm back (I could tell you a lot but I better won't...) with some new awards and a new contest entry.

-18.02.05: A last update before leaving (I'm so thrilled), a new contest entry!

-16.02.05: I've made (or rather finished) another new Fantasy doll. I won't update for over a week, because I'm going on a ski trip (well, I chose snowboarding) with school.  I think the weather is great! We have a lot of snow...

-15.02.05: Another new contest entry and a new Harry Potter doll.

-14.02.05:  I've added some new contest entries. And I've made a Valenitne's day gift, which is not adoptable.

-12.02.04: A few new dolls and a new base.

-11.02.05: One (or rather two) new LotR doll(s)!

-10.02.05: I've added one  entry for my prep-sized contest.

-07.02.05 (update): Added one new Harry Potter doll and opened one new contest.

-07.02.05: Contest Voting has started! So please go and vote!!!! (good luck to all those wo've entered, the entries are great!)

-04.02.05: The contest is closed, I've added two entries. Voting will start in a few days. There's a new Fantasy doll, too, and I've got a custom doll!

-01.02.05: I've added one new contest entry.

-31.01.05: I'm up again with a new layout (as you can see), and a new doll.

-26.01.05: The site is closed for a few days because I'm working on a new layout. As soon as I've finished it I'll be up again. By the way, I still need two (or more) contest entries until I start voting...

-25.01.05: Two new contest entries and two new prep sized LotR dolls.

-22.01.05: Finally a new contest entry!!! And I've added two awards.

-21.01.05: I've two new Éowyn dolls to update and I've overworked the doll sections.
At the moment I've problems with my server, so it can happen that the site is down for a few days... But I will be back!!!

-18.01.05: Another new doll on a new base.

-17.01.05: I've got another Arwen doll.

-15.01.05: Wow! Finally a new entry! But I still need at least five entries!

-12.01.05: Two new LotR dolls.
And if you've made a doll on my
Maia base, I'd be very happy If you entered my contest...

-11.01.05: I've got a new prep-sized base.

-07.01.04: A new LotR doll. And I still need entries for my contest!
I've also added two awards.

-05.01.05: One new Fantasy doll!

-04.01.05: I've added two new contest entries. I still need entries...

-03.01.05: I'm back, I hope  you've had nice holidays (mine were great.)
I've got some new dolls I'm really proud of and two contest entries. (I still need a lot)
And, last but not least, I've got two new bases.

- 23.12.04: New (or rather first) contest!  And I won't update for over a week! Have a nice christmas and a happy new year's day!!!!

-22.12.2004: Whoo! I've been dolling for exactly one year by now!!!!! Not really an update, but I thought I'd put up the "archives page". I've also added a new base, it's called Maia, and a x-mas gift! (a rather big update, but I won't update for a longer time, since I'm on *vacation*, so...)

-21.12.04: One (or rather two) new dolls: Galadriel and Arwen. I've entered them in a contest and I'm really proud of them.
I've noticed that tomorrow I'll be dolling for one whole year!!! Have to celebtrate that! ;o)  (I think I'll put up the Archives Page here)

-20.12.04: Hey! I've got a guestbook (well, it's my very first try on a guestbook...)! I'd be very happy if you sign in!!!!!

-12.12.04: Finally a new doll!!!! At the moment I'm just crazy about Éowyn's dresses...
At the moment I don't have enough time to do big dolls (but I'm working on some)...

-04.12.04: Only 20 days left until x-mas!!! I have to start with my gifts... But I've got a new doll, another Éowyn in the LotR section.

-25.11.04: A very belated Halloween gift for my sister Leigh (I'm sorry)...
I've just noticed that there is only one month left untill it's Christmas. I think I'll start working on the Christmas gifts - then you can be sure that you'll get them before new year's day...

-18.10.04: Hey, I've got a new doll! It's my LotR character Merenwen and I entered her in a warrior contest at het Paars Konijn

-17.11.04: Again a new doll. This time a Gothic one.
At the moment I just don't have enough time to do big dolls, but I'm working on them...
And, what a surprise, I've finally finished the "About" page.

-07.11.04: Two older dolls to update.
And I've overworked my dolls section.

-27.10.04: Yeah! I'm in a dolling mood again. Here are two new dolls: An Arwen and a gift for my aunt and her husband (they got married last friday).

-19.10.04: New doll! another Hobbit.

-18.10.04: A Barbie inspired doll. Again sorry for updating so few.

- 02.10.04: I couldn't update for a while because we had some problems with our PC. But now I have one new Harry Potter doll.

- 18.09.04: Since school's started again I have no inspiration. But at least one new doll.

- 07.09.04: I've added two new bases and all of the other bases in a new skin color.

- 03.09.04: Sorry for the delay of updates. The new layout just didn't work, so (as you'll have noticed ;o) ) I still have the old one.
The tagboard and guestbook will come.
I have added a new Éowyn doll and two awards.

- 24.08.04: Closed for renovation... ;o)
I won't update for a few days, 'cause I'm working on a new layout.  I'll also add the "about" site, a tagboard, guestbooks etc.

- 14.08.04: I'm finally back! And I have three new dolls to update. Two historical and a Merenwen doll.  

- 04.08.04: A new Lily Evans doll!!!! Isn't she cute?

There won't be any updates here in the next eight days. We're (finally) on vacation!

Have a nice week.

- 31.07.04: Three new dolls!!!! Yeah! An Éamane, a Rose (Titanic) and a fantasy doll.

- 29.07.04: No new dolls again, but a new base. I've also added a new gift from my sister Leigh.
I hope there'll be some new dolls in the next days (I've started some I really like by now)

- 27.07.04: I don't have any new dolls at the moment, no inspiration. But I've added an award.

- 23.07.04: Finally a new Star Wars doll. Padme Amidala in her gorgeous senate gown.

- 21.07.04: I have five new dolls: A Hobbit (Rosie), an Éamane, a casual one, a self- portrait *g* and a misc doll.

- 15.07.04: Two new LotR dolls. An Arwen and an elf on a new base. It's not yet on the site.

- 14.07.04: New dolls!!! A couple.  They're an entry for a contest at DHF.

- 10.07.04: I have a sister! It's Leigh of Cosmic Storms!!!  I've added her gift to my gifts page.
I'll add the sister site section soon.

I've a new doll, too. It's me in my fav jeans. Don't adopt her, she's my sister site gift to Leigh.

- 01.07.04: One new Éowyn doll in the Lord of the Rings section.

I'm featured site at My Magical World!!! Check it out!!!!

- 28.06.04: New dolls!!! A formal, an Éowyn and one in the historical section. I've also added a new link.

- 26.06.04: Ha! Finally! I found a way to save dolls as a transparent gif! So I have some new dolls:
Two Arwens, Legolas and my elven character Merenwen. (Before you ask: Merenwen and Legolas are NOT in love!!!)

- 10.06.04: I've added a new base in different skin tones.

The "about us" page will come soon, but Éamane doesn't have much time in the moment, 'cause she has to work hard for school.

We still have problems with saving dolls as a transparent file, but we're working on it, so there'll come much more dolls in the nearer future.

- 04.06.04: We have uploaded the Mini Dollz... They are all made by Éamane... I think they're really cute!!!

We're working on the "about us" page... It'll be up soon.

I've also added a new award! The doll for which I got it isn't up yet, 'cause I've problems with saving her as a gif...

- 23.05.04: New  doll (Queen of Ice)   in the Fantasy section and a doll (Luna Lovegood) in the Harry Potter section. The Luna Doll is only pixel shaded.

- 18.05.04: New dolls in the misc section (They were up before I changed layout, but I forgot to load them up once again)

Sorry, that there are so few dolls on by now, but I just don't get it how to save them as a gif... (It just doesn't work on all dolls)

If you can help me, please mail me. :o)

- 11.05.04: New Arwen Doll!

- 08.05.04: Three new dolls: One in the Star Wars Section, an Arwen  and an misc elven doll in the Lord Of the Rings Section.
Ok, they aren't really new (I made them months ago...)

- 06.05.04: New layout!  I think it's better now! We'll load up more dolls in the next days.

- 01.05.04: Sorry for the delay of updates! We had to do much for school.

Two new dolls in the misc section.

I've worked on a new layout. It'll be up soon. When we've changed layout, we'll  update more dolls. We have real much by now... (It just takes so much time to load them up)

- 10.04.04 we updated the link section

- 09.04.04 the site is up!!!