About Me

Name: Susanne Manuela S.
Nicknames: Sue, Zoo
Birthday:  24th September 1990
Location: Germany

My DeviantArt Account

Interests: drawing, dolling, art in general, historical fashion, writing, music, dancing (standard), webdesign

Favourite Movies: LotR, Star Wars (the old trilogy), Brotherhood of the Wolves, Sleepy Hollow, PotC I, Underworld, Interview with the Vampire

Favourite Books: Tolkien's books in general, Harry Potter, the Perfume, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Nightwatch, Tad Williams, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Tales of the Otori

Tolkien fan Galadriel fan cat fan Emily the Strange fan The Gathering fan guinea pigs

If you have any questions about me or dolling, you can mail me or sign my guestbook. But please check the FAQ and the Rules first!